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Crew sustain serious burn injuries on passenger vessel

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a new Safety Alert to inform of an incident involving serious crew injuries onboard a passenger vessel. In this regard, BMA seeks to bring attention to crew members undertaking maintenance of any system under pressure.

Two passengers injured during tender boat transfer

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) issued a safety alert concerning the safe transfer of passengers during tender boat operations. The publication came following a recent injury incident of two passengers during transfer on a tender boat. 

Guidance on PSC and flag state detentions for Bahamian-flagged ships

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a bulletin advising the actions to be taken when Bahamian ships are subject to Port State or Flag State detention. The guidance is applicable to all Bahamian ships that have been detained by PSC authorities, including “Administrative” or preventative detentions.

Guidance on PSC inspections for Bahamian-flagged ships

The Bahamas maritime Authority issued a guidance on the management of Port State Control inspections, to ensure that companies operating Bahamian ships comply with international Convention requirements and national regulations of the PSC process, and to maintain the position of Bahamian flag in the white performance list.

Robbery attempt reported at Bahia De Barcelona anchorage

While the vessel was in laden condition, waiting for the cargo documents and pre‐departure underwater inspection, the patrolling deck crew noticed four unknown people on the deck near the starboard quarter around 2212 hours. The OOW was informed immediately and the general alarm was raised.

How to avoid sprinkler head damage

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a technical alert to highlight issues concerning sprinkler heads, related to leaking bulbs and external corrosion effects, which can impair the automatic release of the sprinkler head.

BMA advises on Oil Record Book procedures

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a bulletin providing guidance on making Oil Record Book entries and related procedural matters, and confirming BMA requirements in respect of the Oil Record Book Part I and associated entries.

BMA warns of change in launching procedures

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued an alert, to draw attention on a change in the launching procedure for HLB Co. Ltd. TALON II 4.0, TALON II 6.0 and TALON 9.0 lifeboat on load release systems, as described in Revision 10 of the Operation and Maintenance Manual for Release Mechanism.

How to avoid fuel oil quick closing valves deficiencies

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a technical alert, to highlight major deficiencies related to fuel oil quick closing valves, during Port State Control inspections. These deficiencies are considered very important and generally lead to detention.

BMA highlights top cruise ship deficiencies for 2016

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a technical alert related to detentions and deficiencies found during USCG examination of cruise ships. During 2016, USCG reported a total of 103 detentions, of which 3 were cruise ships.


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