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Maritime Labour Convention 2006: Latest ratifications

More countries ratify the Maritime Labour Convention TheMaritime Labour Convention, 2006 or MLC, 2006 is an international labour Convention adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO). It provides international standards for the world's first genuinely global industry.Widely known as the "seafarers' bill of rights," the MLC, 2006 was adopted by government, employer and workers representatives at a special ILO International Labour Conference in February 2006.It is unique in that it aims both to achieve decent work for seafarers and to secure economic interests through fair competition for quality ship owners.The following are the latest ratifications of MLC 2006.GermanyGermany becomes the43rd ILO Member State and the 17th European country to ratify theMaritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006), a landmark convention which constitutes the fourth pillar of the international maritime legal regime complementing key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with decent working and living conditions for seafarers and conditions of fair competition for ship owners. Germany has around 350 registered vesselstotallingmore than 15,3 million gross tonnage under its flag and is the third country of ownership in the world. The port of Hamburg, third largest seaport in Europe, 14th world's largest container port and second largest European container port, is a ...

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Seychelles to extradite suspected pirate to Belgium

Seychelles for the first time will extradite a person suspected of piracy to Europe The Seychelles will extradite to Belgium a Somali suspected of involvement in a pirate attack on a Belgian frigate two years ago, prosecutors said Wednesday.The archipelago's interior minister made the announcement at an international conference that took place in the Seychelles last week, they said in a statement posted on the Internet."This will be the first time in the history of the Seychelles that it will extradite a person suspected of piracy to a European country," the statement said, adding "his fingerprints were found" on the hijacked vessel. The suspect is being held in a prison in the Seychelles. A Brussels court in June sentenced a second suspect in the same attack, Omar Mohammed Abdiwahad, to ten years' imprisonment in the country's first-ever piracy trial.Abdiwahad was captured in November 2010 off the Kenya coast by a Belgian ship taking part in a European Union counter-piracy mission, while attacking a vessel flying the Sierra Leone flag, and was later identified by the crew of the Belgian ship, the Pompei, as one of their hijackers. The frigate and its crew was released 71 days after it was captured ...

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