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Germany to propose rebuilding of Beirut Port with ‘strings attached’

In light of the huge explosion at the port of Beirut on 4 August 2020, Germany is about to present a multi-billion-dollar proposal to Lebanese authorities in order to rebuild the port. A ccording to Reuters, Germany's proposal came as part of efforts to entice the country's politicians to form a government capable of warding off financial collapse. In fact, Germany and France are vying to lead reconstruction efforts. Berlin will on April 7 outline its proposal, which the diplomats said would in principle include support from the European Investment Bank (EIB), to help fund the clearing of the area and reconstruction facilities. Germany’s ambassador to Lebanon, Andreas Kindl, confirmed a proposal would be made next week to redevelop Beirut port and nearby areas. The plan had been drawn up by several private companies who would hold talks in Beirut to present it, he said. As a diplomatic source told Reuters: “This plan is not going to come without strings attached. Germany and France want first to see a government in place committed to implementing reforms. There is no other way around it and this is good for Lebanon.” In addition to the port itself, Germany’s proposal would look to ...

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