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AMSA issues notice re navigation safety in the vicinity of barges

A number of accidents involving collisions with anchored barges The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued a notice reminding seafarers, others involved in the operation of barges, and those engaged in operations in the vicinity of barges, of aspects of the COLREGS which relate to safe operations.There have been a number of accidents and incidents, some fatal, involving collisions with anchored barges or barges being towed.The purpose of this Marine Notice is therefore to remind seafarers, and all others involved with the operation of barges, or operations in the vicinity ofbarges, of aspects of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (1972) - the "COLREGS" - which relate to safe operations.The COLREGS have been carefully examined in the context of incidents involving barges and have been found to be adequate if properly adheredto. The following extracts include elements of the COLREGS that AMSA believes are particularly relevant to navigation safety in the vicinity ofbarges.Masters, skippers or coxswains, and all deck watchkeepers need to thoroughly know and understand the full COLREGS and theirapplication in all situations.For further information, click here.Source: AMSA

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Special Report on hijacked and missing tug boats and barges in Asia

Increase in such incidents over recent years The ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre issued a Special Report on hijacked/missing tug boats and barges in Asia. Five incidents of hijacking and missing tug boats towing barges were reported during the period March-June 2011.This represents a significant increase in such incidents over recent years. Owners, operators, and masters of tugs operating in Asia should adopt best management practices to minimize the risk of hijacking.To view the Special Report please click hereSource: ReCAAP

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Crowley s double-hull petroleum barges deployed to western Alaska

For coastwise and river transportation Crowley Maritime Corp. is deploying two new double-hulled, combination deck cargo and tank barges this week in Western Alaska. The DBL 165-1 and DBL 165-2 barges left Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Wash., earlier this month and made a brief stop in Seward for final outfitting of equipment - including hoses, lines, pumps and other gear - necessary for operating in Western Alaska. The barges are expected to load their first cargoes of petroleum products in Bristol Bay this week and will begin making deliveries to customers along the Bering Sea coast soon afterward.Both vessels will be home ported in Nome and will be used for shallow draft operations and beach landings for the delivery of fuel and cargo to the remote communities of Western Alaska. The vessels are the first double-hulled, environmentally friendly barges of their kind to operate in Western Alaska waters, since Crowley's 180-1, a double-hull barge that Crowley deployed in Alaska in 2005."We are pleased and excited to announce the delivery and deployment of these barges," said Bob Cox, Crowley's vice president of petroleum distribution. "Engineered with integrity, the DBL 165-1 and DBL 165-2 give Crowley the opportunity to better serve ...

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