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Crane On Barge Strikes Scaffolding On NYC Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Crane Accident A crane being towed on a barge has struck scaffolding attached to the underside of New York City's Brooklyn Bridge.The Fire Department of New York says there are no reports of injuries in Tuesday night's accident. Officials say there doesn't appear to be any structural damage to the bridge, which crosses the East River and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.About 20 feet of scaffolding on the underside of the bridge was damaged. The scaffolding was being used by workers to repaint the bridge, designated by the National Park Service as a National Historic Landmark.The accident caused heavy traffic delays on the bridge and its approaches.Source: Huffington Post

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AMSA issues notice re navigation safety in the vicinity of barges

A number of accidents involving collisions with anchored barges The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued a notice reminding seafarers, others involved in the operation of barges, and those engaged in operations in the vicinity of barges, of aspects of the COLREGS which relate to safe operations.There have been a number of accidents and incidents, some fatal, involving collisions with anchored barges or barges being towed.The purpose of this Marine Notice is therefore to remind seafarers, and all others involved with the operation of barges, or operations in the vicinity ofbarges, of aspects of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (1972) - the "COLREGS" - which relate to safe operations.The COLREGS have been carefully examined in the context of incidents involving barges and have been found to be adequate if properly adheredto. The following extracts include elements of the COLREGS that AMSA believes are particularly relevant to navigation safety in the vicinity ofbarges.Masters, skippers or coxswains, and all deck watchkeepers need to thoroughly know and understand the full COLREGS and theirapplication in all situations.For further information, click here.Source: AMSA

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