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EU supports LNG-powered hopper barge

The EU's TEN-T Programme will co-finance with over €1.5 million the construction of the first in Europe hopper barge powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The green and economically attractive LNG fuel could help reduce air pollution caused by barge transport services. Hopper barges carrying sand dredged from ports are most often using conventional, more polluting fuel than accepted by the European regulation for future shipping services (2050 onwards). This project is addressing the European requirements to reduce maritime transport emissions by constructing an LNG-powered hopper barge in the ports of Bremerhaven and Bremen in Germany. The pilot project features the technical design of the new barge, granting permissions to operate in the inland waterways of the port areas, as well as actual construction and testing of the barge under real life conditions. It also includes recommendations and best practice for a larger roll-out of this vessel type.   The action is expected to have a multiplier effect due to the high demand for dredging in the sandy North Sea and inland ports.  Using LNG-powered vessels would contribute to reducing the transport industry’s impact on the environment. Furthermore, the project's findings and solutions could be replicated on all types of ...

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Imtech Marine equips LNG-Hybrid Barge stationed in Hamburg

Imtech Marine equipped the first LNG-Hybrid Barge with its latest ‘green’ technology by order of Becker Marine Systems in Hamburg to supply the AIDA cruise fleet with energy. The LNG-Hybrid Barge is fitted with Imtech Marine’s electrical solutions and fire extinguishing equipment. In addition, Imtech Marine installed the complete ventilation systems with corresponding heat recovery and sea water cooling systems, supporting the Hybrid Barge’s ‘green’ approach by saving energy through reduced heating and cooling requirements. The regulations regarding a ship’s emissions are becoming stricter. From 2015, new exhaust gas emission requirements (e.g. Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA)) will come into effect. To meet regulations and the increasing environmental awareness of the shipping companies, new environmentally friendly platforms, like the LNG-Hybrid Barge, are being developed. In 2015, the first LNG-Hybrid Barge will serve the AIDA cruise fleet at the port of Hamburg, reducing the cruise ship’s sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and particle emissions. During the summer season, the Hybrid Barge will provide electrical energy for the AIDA and other cruise ships. In winter, during the cruise off-season, the LNG-Hybrid Barge will provide both electrical energy and heat for the public grid. Imtech Marine’s scope of supply started with analysis ...

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