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Imtech Marine equips LNG-Hybrid Barge stationed in Hamburg

Imtech Marine equipped the first LNG-Hybrid Barge with its latest ‘green’ technology by order of Becker Marine Systems in Hamburg to supply the AIDA cruise fleet with energy. The LNG-Hybrid Barge is fitted with Imtech Marine’s electrical solutions and fire extinguishing equipment. In addition, Imtech Marine installed the complete ventilation systems with corresponding heat recovery and sea water cooling systems, supporting the Hybrid Barge’s ‘green’ approach by saving energy through reduced heating and cooling requirements. The regulations regarding a ship’s emissions are becoming stricter. From 2015, new exhaust gas emission requirements (e.g. Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA)) will come into effect. To meet regulations and the increasing environmental awareness of the shipping companies, new environmentally friendly platforms, like the LNG-Hybrid Barge, are being developed. In 2015, the first LNG-Hybrid Barge will serve the AIDA cruise fleet at the port of Hamburg, reducing the cruise ship’s sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and particle emissions. During the summer season, the Hybrid Barge will provide electrical energy for the AIDA and other cruise ships. In winter, during the cruise off-season, the LNG-Hybrid Barge will provide both electrical energy and heat for the public grid. Imtech Marine’s scope of supply started with analysis ...

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Port of Antwerp aims to expand LNG bunkering

Plans for LNG bunkering station for barges Truck-to-ship bunkering is already possible, but by setting up a bunkering station the port of Antwerp aims to make LNG permanently available.In comparison with the diesel fuel currently used by European barges, LNG is much cleaner and environment-friendly. Barges powered by LNG emit hardly any particulates, and NOx emissions are drastically reduced.Truck-to-ship bunkering has already been possible in the port of Antwerp since 2012: a truck collects LNG at the LNG import terminal in Zeebrugge and takes it to Antwerp. The truck then parks on the quay from where the LNG can be delivered to the barge. By building a permanent bunkering station LNG will be available in the port at all times. In this way Antwerp Port Authority seeks to break out of the chicken-and-egg situation: by making LNG permanently available it is hoped that the barge industry will be more willing to make the necessary investments for switching to this more environment-friendly fuel.Antwerp Port Authority has therefore issued a European call for tenders in order to find a partner to design and build a LNG bunkering station. It must also be possible for trucks to fill up with LNG at the ...

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