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Insurers Considerations for Autonomous Ships

During the 2020 SMART4SEA Athens Forum, John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive, The North of England P&I Association Limited, focused on the P&I perspective of autonomous ships and new technologies in general. As he explains, with the emergence of automation, new risks have been born as well, such as new definitions or new roles. Shipping should address these changes and adopt to the new situation.

Automation & Seafarers: The end of a profession, or its evolution?

As automation is becoming an integral part of everyday life, the shipping industry makes no exception. Mr. Dimitrios Lyrakos, Chief Executive Officer, ASCOT Consulting LTD, describes how automation will affect the maritime sector, saying that the number of seafarers will decline, but these changes will create new job opportunities as well.

Shipping needs to embrace technology

Mr Peter Due, Director Autonomy, Global Sales & Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime highlights that embracing the future with technology is imperative for shipping more than ever before. Given that there is more acceptance towards automation, he says, the regulatory challenges for autonomous ships need to be addressed.

What are the regulatory barriers to autonomous ships?

As the issue of shipping automation gains more and more ground in the industry debate, Heather Maxwell, Senior Claims Executive at the Standard P&I Club, analyzed how the regulatory and legal systems will adapt to this changing environment, arguing that the current legal framework does not help the adoption.. 

Key advantages and disadvantages of ship autonomy

As autonomous ships are becoming a much-discussed topic in the industry, Callum O’Brien, Deputy Underwriter working for the Standard P&I Club, discussed key advantages and challenges ahead surrounding the adoption and viability of this technology and how soon the industry will be able to embrace it. 

Rolls-Royce’s new technology advances situational awareness

 Mr Esa Jokioinen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ship Intelligence, Rolls-Royce talks about the ‘Intelligent Awareness system’ for which Rolls- Royce has been shortlisted Awards in the ‘Technology’ category alongside a number of other distinguished nominees. As explained, one of the benefits of the Intelligent Awareness is that it brings situational awareness to Vessel Bridge allowing the captain to shuffle amongst Virtual Reality,

Crewing in the 21st century

During his presentation at the SAFETY4SEA Cyprus conference, Sotiris Kambanellas, President, YoungShip Cyprus presented key issues with regards to crewing in the 21st century, considering how new technologies are impacting the global shipping industry.  In a constantly evolving world, even a more “traditional” industry like shipping is already changing.

On the threshold of autonomous ships

Mark Bull, Marine Consultant, Trafalgar Navigation, pointed out that we are on the threshold of a major change in our industry; it has already started and it is now picking up speed. During his presentation at the 2017 SAFETY4SEA Conference, he said that the new ‘buzz’ word around us now is autonomous; however, many things need to be considered about that.

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