Three dead after catamaran capsizes off Newcastle

Three people died and two were rescued after a catamaran capsized in heavy seas off Newcastle, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) informed after completing search and rescue operations. A total of five people were onboard at the time, including a teenage girl.

Watch: Japanese warship collides with dock in Brisbane

The Japanese warship ‘JS Kunisaki’ collided into Brisbane’s Portside Wharf while trying to dock, Tuesday, 17 June. There were no injuries of crew onboard or spectators but the vessel was left visibly damaged. The causes of the incident are yet to be determined.

Ferry suffers fire off Queensland, passengers evacuated

The Australian passenger vessel ‘Fitzroy Flyer’ suffered an engine room fire and all of its four crew and 37 passengers were evacuated, east-north-east of Cairns, Queensland on 29 March 2019. Fitzroy Flyer was on a return trip to Cairns from Fitzroy Island.

Passenger’s fatality on cruise vessel urges police investigation on Sydney Harbour

A number of cruise boats under the same fleet have been raided by police and marine safety inspectors, in connection with the death of a passenger aboard the vessel Lady Rose the previous weekend. Emergency services were called to a marina in Balmain just after on February 2, after the 39-year-old was found unconscious in the bathroom cubicle of the three-level vessel.

AMSA secures vessel on Hawksbury Island after running aground

A fishing vessel was grounded on Hawksbury Island, Australia, during the recent passing of Tropical Cyclone Penny. As it had been drifting, AMSA started an operation to secure the vessel in order to not pose a risk on shipping lanes. The Coral Knight located the vessel and used an emergency wreck marker buoy weight as an anchor.

Fire breaks out at Rio Tinto port

Rio Tinto closed part of its Cape Lambert iron-ore export terminal in Western Australia, as a fire broke out on January 10. According to the company the fire was put out, while there were no injuries. Now the operations have started again, but some areas that are affected the most are still closed.

LNG carrier suffers loss propulsion off Papua New Guinea

The two-year old LNG carrier ‘CESI Gladstone’ will resume it route to China within this week, after it suffered loss of propulsion while underway from Australia on 22 June. The ship had just loaded a cargo at the Australia Pacific LNG plant, when it sustained a main engine outage resulting in a loss of propulsion,

Fire at Port of Kembla extinguished

After more than three days of trying to put out the fire the broke out on a bulker at Port Kembla, firefighters managed to extinguish it. Crews used high expansion foam into the cargo hold, a strategy that proved successful. As Fire and Rescue New South Wales informed, there are no signs of smoke from the ship and field temperature levels are dropping.

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