Port of Townsville to establish new container terminal

The Australian Port of Townsville recently announced that is set to establish a new $30 million valued crane and cargo container terminal. Namely, the port’s upgrade came following the heavy machinery and traffic of the shipping containers. 

Port of Melbourne receives approval for rail project

The Port of Melbourne welcomed the Government’s support of the new $125 million Port Rail Transformation Project (PRTP) to reduce truck movements, improve productivity and further enhance the Australian port.

Wharfies at Fremantle Container Terminal take 24-hour strike action

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) informs that two hundred wharfies have stopped work for 24 hours at the Dubai Ports container terminal in Fremantle, accusing the company of failing to bargain in good faith as negotiations for a new workplace agreement drag on for more than 15 months.

Port of Eden affected by Australia’s bush fires

Operations at the Australian small seaport of Eden have been impacted by the major bush fires raging across the South Coast region of New South Wales. In fact, the Port of Eden is the southernmost deep-water harbor in NSW and is situated equidistant between Sydney and Melbourne. The port hosts three wharves including a privately owned woodchip terminal; multi-user Navy wharfs; as well as the breakwater wharf.

Port Botany shuts down due to fires and smokes

Fires have been affecting Sydney, filling the city with smoke recently, the Port Botany is now expected to close again on December 10 for a second time within a week, as temperatures are expected to reach up to 40°C. On Thursday, December 5, 50 uncontrolled fires merged north of Sydney into a ‘mega fire’ on a 60 km front; the state department of health warned conditions were so hazardous that people had stay inside, leading to schools and university campuses to shut down.

ACCC wants to review decision on user funding at Port of Newcastle

The Australian Competition & Consumer Competition (ACCC) has applied to the Federal Court for a review of the Australian Competition Tribunal’s recent decision regarding the terms of access by Glencore Coal Assets Australia Pty Ltd (Glencore) to certain services at the Port of Newcastle.

Port of Newcastle responds to MUA’s protest

Following yesterday’s news that Wharfies at port of Newcastle are to protest against the new crane, the port released a statement, responding to the Maritime Union of Australia. The workers are against the new crane, supporting that the project will bring additional personnel and thus put at risk the work and available hours for existing stevedoring workers and corporations.

Wharfies at port of Newcastle protest over new crane

Dockworkers from three stevedoring corporations at the Port of Newcastle in Australia, held a 4-hour stop work meeting in order to protest for the arrival of a new bulk uploading crane which according to the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), could potentially threaten job security.

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