Australia increases fines for pollution accidents

Shipowners, charterers, masters, operators need to be in caution of increased liabilities for fines being introduced in Australia, in addition to any pollution clean-up costs and damage claims.

YM Efficiency container recovery operation a success

The AMSA led operation to recover containers lost from the YM Efficiency off the NSW coast is complete. On 8 May the vessel MV Pride returned to Port of Newcastle for the final time to discharge containers and pollution recovered from the ocean floor.

Watch: How waste cooking oil product absorbs oil spill

Oil spill is a major form of pollution and has negative impacts upon the marine environment. In order to face its affects, scientists from Flinders University in Adelaide along with the Australian Government and other collaborators, developed a material which can absorb oil spills.

Australian startup, Singapore’s University to tackle illegal bunkering

An Australian startup,, is collaborating with DNV GL and the National University Singapore’s (NUS) Department of Statistics and Applied Probability on a project that will tackle illegal bunkering. The algorithms that will be used in the project, will firstly be verified for their suitability and they will be integrated directly into’s QuayChain platform.

Yang Ming vessel arrested over pollution debt

AMSA informed that the sister ship of the YM Efficiency, which lost 81 shipping containers off the coast of Newcastle and Port Stephens in June 2018, has been arrested in Sydney for a pollution debt that could reach as high as AUD $20 million.

Partners launch project to protect oceans from oil spill

Partners launched a remediation program in protection of island ecosystems from damage caused by oil pollution from World War II wrecks sunk in the Pacific Ocean in Newcastle Harbour. The ones participating in the project are Major Projects Foundation, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the University of Newcastle. 

Plastic pollution may be even worse than thought, research finds

Scientists have found 414 million pieces of plastic debris on remote islands. That is the result from a survey of plastic pollution on the beaches of Australia’s Cocos Islands. These findings suggest that the problem of plastic pollution may have been underestimated, as the majority of plastic pollution may actually lie below the surface.

Solomon Trader crew not absent or intoxicated, owner says

Reports claiming that the crewmembers of the Solomon Trader were absent from the ship during the grounding or intoxicated celebrating Chinese are not true, the owner of the ship notes. The MV Solomon Trader was loading bauxite when due to rough seas, it ran aground at Kangava Bay, Rennell Island, on 4 February. Now, there is a high risk that the rest of HFO on the vessel, which is estimated to be more than 600 tonnes, will be released into the surrounding area.

Australia: 600 tonnes of oil could spill from Solomon Trader

After contacting aerial assessments on the Solomon Trader, AMSA confirmed that the oil spill has started to disperse across the surrounding sea and shoreline. The oil expands five to six kilometres across the shore and is moving towards the East Rennell world heritage site. It also added that there is a high risk that the rest of HFO on the vessel, which is estimated to be more than 600 tonnes, will be released into the surrounding area.

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