Watch: Launch of world’s first electric hydrofoil jet ski

The University of Western Australia teamed up with Perth-based start-up company Electro.Aero, and funding sponsor Galaxy Resources, to develop the world’s first electric hydrofoil personal watercraft, named WaveFlyer. The zero-emission vessel operates rising above the water.

Western Australia’s EPA withdraws GHG guidelines

Western Australia’s EPA announced it is withdrawing its revised GHG guidelines from application. EPA’s Environmental Factor Guidance, released in early March, aimed to help proponents of significant proposals in the State prepare for an environmental assessment by the EPA.

Australian ports take steps towards reducing ship emissions

In a bid to align with the ambitious targets on ship emissions reduction by 2050, Australian ports have started applying measures to encourage the industry to minimize GHG. In mid-May, NSW Ports announced introduction of an environmental incentive to apply to vessel related charges at Port Botany and Port Kembla.

Tasmania’s EPA to monitor cruise ship emissions

Tasmania’s Environmental and Protection Agency is set to monitor fuel bunker emissions from cruise ships by testing air quality every 10 minutes in port of Hobart, to detect if ships are polluting the air at harmful levels.

Australian residents urge for broader sulphur limit application

The Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc requested the Australian government to urgently consider the extension of the restriction on maximum fuel oil sulphur content limit of 0.1% m/m, imposed on cruise ships in Sydney Harbour, to other Australian ports subject to visits by cruise ships as well, including the port of Eden.

Cruise vessels are required to limit sulphur emissions while at berth in Syndey

From December 2016, cruise vessels capable of accommodating more than 100 passengers and at berth in Sydney Harbour will be issued with a Direction by AMSA. The Direction will require the vessel to limit sulphur emissions by using low sulphur fuel or an alternative measure that achieves an equivalent outcome.