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US drilling proposal could include Atlantic

US could open up portions of the Atlantic to oil and gas drilling is spite of opposition from East Coast states, a US Interior Department official said during remarks at a recent energy industry conference. This comes at a time when the US is preparing to announce a five-year drilling plan proposal that could expand available acreage, and enhance US oil, gas and coal production.

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USCG to study ships’ routes to ports on the US Atlantic coast

The US Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register that it starts a new study of routes used by ships to access ports on the Atlantic Coast of the US. This new study comes to be added on and builds on the Atlantic Coast Port Access Route Study completed April 5, 2017. Current capabilities and planned improvements in these ports to handle maritime conveyances will be considered as well.

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US judge halts Atlantic seismic oil permitting due to gov shutdown

A federal court judge issued, on January 18, that the federal government can not process seismic testing permits for offshore drilling during the ongoing government shutdown, according to Reuters. The decision was ruled in response to motion filed by a range of conversation and business groups that are opposed to the administration’s efforts to expand U.S. offshore drilling.

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