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Autonomous vessels can comply with COLREG rules

Rolls-Royce’s MAXCMAS research project found that the use of newly developed algorithms allowed existing COLREGs to remain relevant in a crewless environment, and that Artificial Intelligence-based navigation systems can comply with the rules to avoid collision effectively, even when approaching manned vessels were interpreting the rules differently.

Corvil: Standards, collaboration and AI critical to cyber resilience

Graham Ahearne, Corvil Director, Security Product Management, said that the advanced, persistent threat landscape in cyber security poses an enormous risk to global financial markets and Cyber Resilience can be built through standards, collaboration and AI-Powered Automation in these markets.

7 Digital trends that will transform container shipping

Speaking about digital transformation in container shipping, BGC reports that the industry has failed to adapt to the digital age, yet. For this reason, it is important for the industry to follow some steps, which will help container industry modernize.

ZPMC develops world’s first AI straddle carrier

In November 2017, the first automated driving unmanned straddle carrier was created. Using AI technology, this straddle carrier can conduct multiple functions without pre-embedded magnetic nails. After tested on the terminal for a long time, the straddle carrier can perform unmanned driving like self-location and autonomous navigation.

DP World to enhance its digital capability

Terminal operator DP World initiated a new program to enhance digital transformation across its business operations worldwide using Oracle Cloud Applications. The new platform will include technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things and Block Chain, to deliver smarter operations and create intelligent logistics.

AIG launches new model to assess companies' cyber risks

Multinational insurer American International Group, Inc. announced a new cyber benchmarking model that quantifies and scores cyber risk, by evaluating a company’s cyber security maturity against 10 common attack patterns across 11 commonly used technology devices.

Eco Marine Power to study use of Artificial Intelligence

Japan based Eco Marine Power announced that  it will begin using the Neural Network Console provided by Sony Network Communications Inc., in order to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into various ongoing ship related technology projects.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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