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The container port of Buenos Aires in the mega-ship era

The International Transport Forum OECD issued a discussion paper analyzing key characteristics and challenges with respect to the Port of Buenos Aires, consisting the main cargo entry point for the province of Buenos Aires, where most of Argentina’s population, economic activity and manufacturing activity is concentrated. 

Drought reduces ships’ cargoes at Port of Rosario, Argentina

Grain transport ships using Argentina’s port hub of Rosario, needed to reduce their cargo by between 3,200 and 4,300 tonnes, due to the low water level in the Parana River, according to the Rosario grains exchange. Almost 80% of Argentina’s agricultural and agroindustrial exports to international markets is transported through the Parana River.

Water level on River Parana, Argentina is low

Brittania P&I Club informed that the water level of the River Parana in Argentina is low. Namely, the level averages around 8.3m. This situation is not expected to improve over the new few weeks. perators with drafts of around 8m or more should check the situation with local agents before arriving.

Grounded ship causes delays in Argentina’s Parana river

About 60 ships encountered delays on Friday near Argentina’s grains hub of Rosario, after the bulk carrier ‘Pilatus Venture’, sailing on the Parana River, ran aground and blocked the maritime traffic downriver towards the Atlantic Ocean, local authorities informed.

10 countries selected for emissions reduction project

Jamaica is selected to be among the 10 countries that will take part in the Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnerships Project, which aims to support the implementation of energy-efficiency measures to reduce GHG emissions from shipping. The other countries are Argentina, China, Georgia, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Panama, Philippines and South Africa.

Watch: Ship collides with dock at General San Martin port

A collision took place on the Parana River in Argentina’s Rosario, as a ship collided with a dock in General San Martin port, on 25 of April. As a result of the incident, the activity at terminal 6 of the port was reduced. The north dock of terminal 6 has sustained serious damage, while one operator suffered a minor blow.

Argentine Coast Guard fires shots on Chinese fishing vessel

The Argentine Coast Guard informed that last week chase down a Chinese fishing vessel and opened fire at it, when the ship  was sailing illegally within the exclusive economic area of Argentina. The Chinese vessel Jing Yuan 626 continued its sailing supported by four other vessels of the same flag, and tried to prevent capture, by performing maneuvres that increased the risk of collision with the Argentine Coast Guard vessel.

'Metallic contact' found investigated for relation to missing submarine

The Argentine navy mentioned that they have found a new object, at a depth of 3,100 feet (950 meters). Last week, the navy had found another object, which, as it turned out, did not belong to the missing submarine, but it was a wreck of a fishing vessel, navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said.

Battery on missing submarine short-circuited, Navy says

The Argentinian Navy revealed that water entered the snorkel of the missing submarine ‘ARA San Juan’, resulting in a battery short-circuit, before it went missing on 15 November. At the day that the submarine and its 44 crew vanished, they had a maximum oxygen supply of seven days. 

Explosion recorded near missing Argentine submarine

Earlier in November the Argentinian navy submarine ‘ARA San Juan’, lost its communication and went missing. Now, the Argentinian navy informs that an explosion was detected near the area that the submarine went missing.

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