How STM helps ships navigate through ice

When sailing in the Gulf of Bothnia, which is full of ice, many additional concerns compared to sailing in a plain liquid sea will occur. The thickness of the ice affects the speed and the fuel consumption of the vessel, while there is always the risk of getting stuck. Sea Traffic Management, through the Winter Navigation Service, aims to give a solution to this problems and help ships navigate safely.

Norway is now the owner of ArcticWeb

The Danish Maritime Authority informed that it transferred ArcticWeb to Norway from June 1st 2018. The Norwegian Coastal Administration will now take over the ownership and operation of the web platform. ArcticWeb is a web based platform aiming to improve the safety of navigation in the Arctic.

DMA awaits for autonomous ships discussion in MSC 99

On May 16, the IMO will start is efforts on regulation of autonomous ships with a meeting in the Maritime Safety Committee. The Danish Maritime Authority noted that the global industry needs international regulation to facilitate the use of autonomous ships, and it is looking forward to discussing the way forward within the IMO.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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