CMA CGM ships to not use Northern Sea Route

CMA CGM ships will not sail through the Northern Sea Route, an area with a unique and largely unexplored biodiversity, the CEO of the French shipping group, Rodolphe Saadé, announced last week ahead of the G7 meeting underway in Biarritz. 

Norway’s State Secretary talks piracy, illegal fishing and climate change

Norwegian Government’s State Secretary Marianne Hagen commented on maritime security in the Western Indian Ocean, during a ministerial conference. She highlighted that Somali piracy hasn’t been eradicated yet. The State Secretary noted that Norway wishes to maintain its capacity on prosecuting and imprisoning pirates here in the region, with Mauritius, the Seychelles and Kenya as important partners.

Tavaha: A documentary on saving European seas

‘Tavaha’ is a nordic expression for taking care of the ocean, and is also the title of a new, short documentary on plastic pollution, highlighting the can-do attitude of European activists working with marine environments. The film seeks to provide us with insight and inspiration regarding the oceanic conservation around Europe.

AECO signs declaration to tackle illegal wildlife trade

AECO, an industry association aiming to manage responsible expedition cruise tourism in the Arctic, signed the Buenos Aires Declaration on December 7. This Declaration states that signatories cannot knowingly enable the carriage or sale of illegally traded wildlife products.

Norwegian center focuses on sustainable use of oceans and the Arctic

DNV GL has been assigned to put together a report  for the Center for the Ocean and the Arctic.  The aim is to coordinate efforts to begin a course for the proper use of the ocean and the Arctic. Experts work to understand how technology, innovation and digitalization could help the growth of the ocean’s economy. It is important to know actions that threat the ocean such as overuse, pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate change.

Global agreement signed to prevent unregulated fishing in Central Arctic

Greenland’s Minister for Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture hosted a Signature Ceremony for an international fisheries agreement to prevent unregulated high seas fisheries in Central Arctic Ocean. Parties have taken responsibility to engage in scientific cooperation for a sustainable fishery management in the area.

Arctic cruise operators commit to less plastic, more beach cleanups

This summer, Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators is working with cruise operators on identifying how the expedition cruise industry can drastically reduce the use of disposable plastics on ships. AECO will also continue to engage thousands of cruise passengers in beach cleanups in the Arctic.

Arctia’s CSR report shows strong performance

Arctia’s main mission is to safeguard icebreaking operations and winter navigation in the Finnish marine areas. Latest CSR reporting showcases that, during 2016, the company achieved all of its targets set in the Baltic Sea by offering reliable services in Arctic conditions.

DNV GL celebrates Innovation Day

DNV GL is celebrating both its 150th anniversary as well as the first anniversary since forming the world's leading certification…
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