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Seafarers’ charity assists crew when ship goes adrift

Five fishermen were adrift in the Indian Ocean following their vessel’s engine failure and were then saved by the maritime charity Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea), which towed the ship and brought the fishermen back to shore.

Workload, fatigue major barrier to seafarer’s social life, poll reveals

15% of deaths at sea are by suicide. The key question to ask when shocking tragedies onboard come to light is this: do they signify social isolation? And, what leads to seafarers’ social isolation? Recent SAFETY4SEA Poll finds that seafarers want their work to be less stressful. Increased workload and the subsequent fatigue were reported the biggest obstacles for social life onboard gathering 38% of our readers’ votes, surpassing other “barriers” like isolation from family (10%), connectivity (19%); bureaucracy (17%) and team bonding (16%).

Life at Sea report: Eight challenges to crew welfare

British charity Apostleship of the Sea issued their Life at Sea report detailing cases they have encountered while providing support to seafarers around the world in 2017-2018. These stories, summarizing the eight challenges that crews of today have to face, aim to demonstrate that, by working in partnership, we can all improve the lives of seafarers and fishermen around the world.

North Club, AoS give presents to seafarers during Christmas

North P&I Club and seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea have collaborated to spread the Christmas spirit to seafarers for a second year in a row, by handling over 67 Christmas shoeboxes to Paul Atkinson, AoS port chaplain for Blyth & Tyne.

Charity congress emphasizes on slavery at sea

‘Slavery is not yet ended’, said Archbishop Sanchez Sorondo of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences Slavery at the 24th World Congress of the Apostleship of the Sea in Taiwan. The Congress titled, ‘Caught in the Net’ focused specifically on the welfare and lives of fishermen around the world.

AoS charity to extend welfare provision in Canada

Port chaplains from across Canada from the Apostleship of the Sea gathered last week in Montreal for their annual conference, organised by their national office, to review their work and plan for future growth.

Port of Tyne launches crew welfare fund

In order to enhance merchant shipping in UK, the Port of Tyne has introduced a new fund, to help seafarers who are in need of welfare support while visiting the port. The welfare fund is expected to further enable visits to ships, legal support, translation and communication support, counselling, transport and emergency care.

Detained crew asks to leave amid modern slavery claims

The replacement crew of a Panama-registered ship asks repatriation, as the ship has been detained in Sharpness Docks, Gloucestershire, for over two months,  amid claims ‘modern day slavery’ conditions. The ship has been detained since early June, for unpaid wages and poor working conditions.

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