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Vado Gateway terminal to be launched in Vado Ligure Port Complex

APM Terminals confirmed that its new Vado Gateway terminal, located in the Vado Ligure Port Complex, North Western Italy, will be inaugurated on 12 December 2019. Once operational, the Vado Gateway Terminal will be fully integrated with the existing Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal.

APM Terminals Gothenburg cuts quay crane waiting times by 90%

The implementation of new standard operational procedures for container lashing at APM Terminals Gothenburg has managed to cut quay crane waiting times by as much as 90%. This translates to a reduction from 38 minutes to just four. Completing the operation faster, allows ships vessels to resume their onward journey sooner, also having significant cost savings.

Port of Barcelona receives investment to improve efficiency

APM Terminals has invested €47 million in the Port of Barcelona over recent months. The most recent investment was the acquisition of 29 new straddle carriers, which will help APM Terminals Barcelona improve efficiency once operational this month. 

Electric automated straddle carriers to operate at Port of LA’s Pier 400 facility

APM Terminals has in its plans to add electric automated straddle carriers to its Pier 400 facility in the Port of Los Angeles. This move has raised protests by longshore union leaders, who asked the city’s council to intervene, as they believe that longshoremen will lose hundreds of shifts per day, because of the new technology.

Watch: Nigeria’s female crane operators

The video above, published by APM Terminals is focused on women in the shipping industry, as part of the terminal’s efforts to construct an inclusive workplace in the terminal. The video presents several of the terminal’s female crane operators.

APM Terminals Algeciras to increase its tractor fleet

APM Terminals Algeciras, one of the largest container terminal in the Mediterranean, is renewing and increasing its fleet of terminal tractors. The company has began introducing the new Terberg YT222 model, which features better ergonomics, safety and environmental impact.

West Africa Container Terminal invests in two new cranes

APM Terminals announced that the West Africa Container Terminal (WACT) which is located in Onne Port, invested in two new Mobile Harbor Cranes. This is in addition to an investment of approximately USD2.5 million already made this year.


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