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Plans to double container-volume transported by rail by 2022

Port of Gothenburg announced its plans on doubling the volume of containers transported by rail to and from Gothenburg by 2022 aiming to emissions’ reduction of up to 98%. APM Gothenburg  is connected to more than 300 inland destinations in Sweden via rail, with more than 60 rail shuttles per week.

APM Terminals Barcelona enhances reefer capacity, limits CO2 emissions

APM Terminals Barcelona, Spain has increased reefer capacity by 31%. The electrical capacity of the terminal has also been enhanced, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 600 tonnes per annum. In addition, 152 reefer plugs have been added at the terminal, increasing the total to 677. New reefer racks facilitate reefers to be stacked up to 4 containers high.


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