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American Club assists operators with SMS compliance

The American Club has launched a new booklet which focuses on Safety Management Systems, with the aim to assist both seafarers and shoreside personnel to understanding the basic principles to implement local and international safety management system for both seagoing and shoreside personnel.

American Club releases document with key regulations for shipowners

The American Club announced that it released the updated “Welcome to the USA!”. This document summarizes key regulations of which shipowners should be aware when trading to and from the US. In regard to most of these requirements, the American Club provides additional guidance, tools and services to assist them in achieving compliance.

New initiative to reduce maritime accidents soon to be launched

ABS, the American Club and Lamar University are launching a new initiative to reduce maritime safety incidents. The partnership’s analysis and industry guidance will focus on slips, trips and falls, which are a significant cause of maritime injuries. The recommendations that will be developed will have to able to be applied in a day-to-day basis by maritime crews.

An overview of Greater China’s regulatory regime for shipping

The American P&I Club issued a summarized overview of key regulations of which shipowners should be aware when trading to and from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The issues presented vary from maritime safety and security to marine environmental protection, and are unique to locations in Greater China. 

Loss prevention begins and ends with ensuring crew competency

Commitment to crew competency is vital for the retention of seafarer’s skill sets and employment, at a time when financial pressure impacts safety. Dr. William H. Moore, Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention, The American P&I Club, discusses about Club’s initiatives for addressing crew competency and assurance and supporting Members in identifying and managing holistic risks to safety from both shore-based management and shipboard operational perspectives.

INTERCARGO warns of increased Indonesian cargo liquefaction risk

INTERCARGO issued a reminder on the wet season in Indonesia, which runs from October to April.
Those trading in the area are advised to be especially cautious when accepting cargoes from Indonesia and the surrounding region during the wet season and especially at times of heavy rainfall.

The American Club celebrates 100 years of service

Shipowners Claim Bureau Hellas, the Greece branch of the manager of the American P&I Club, organized an exemplary anniversary formal dinner party at the Grand Bretagne Hotel as a final celebration in 2017 of 100 years of service of the American Club in the marine insurance industry.

Hainan takes temporary ship pollution control measures

China’s Hainan Maritime Safety Agency issued a Notice to Implement Ship Pollution Control Plan, that details actions to be taken between 3 November 2017 – 3 December 2018, to control of emission of ship’s pollutants and ballast water discharge. During this period, inspections will be carried out on ships, fuel suppliers and units that receive ships’ pollutants.

American Club focuses on crews' mental health awareness

The American P&I Club issued a report which focuses on mental wellness, as an important aspect of the health and wellbeing of the crew aboard a ship, reminding that mental breakdowns are often the cause of incidents at sea.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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