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Advises on IMO sulphur cap implementation

The American Club issued an alert focusing on the IMO guidance as set forth in the annex to the attached document MEPC.1/Circ.878, Guidance on the Development of a Ship Implementation Plan for the Consistent Implementation of the 0.50% Sulphur Limit Under MARPOL Annex VI.

IG Clubs continues survey triggers for tankers carrying HFO

As part of the industry’s efforts to ensure higher ship standards, the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG Clubs) continues to implement survey triggers for seagoing vessels of 10 years of age or more carrying HFO, the American P&I Club reminded in a new circular. 

Psychology tests no longer needed for compliance with PEME

The American P&I Club informs of a change in the Pre-employment Medical Examination (PEME) Program. The change regards the psychology tests, which the American Club will no longer require to ensure compliance with PEME. The Club also requested all clinics to update their PEME price list given this change. A new price list will be posted in due course.

Mother Earth’s Safety First

Compared to other global industries, shipping is relatively insulated from the general public at large—surprisingly so given its global reach and indispensability. It is not a world where people understand that without shipping, “half the world would starve, while the other half would freeze.”

American Club: Clarifications on Shanghai ECA map

The Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has issued a sketch map of the waters comprising Shanghai Port which outlines the ECA for navigating ships. As of 1st October 2018, all vessels are required to use fuel with a sulfur content of up to 0.5% m/m, while navigating and berthing in Shanghai Port.

American Club launches e-learning tool for STS operations

The American Club announced the release of its latest e-learning module, Ship-to-Ship Transfer. Ship-to-ship cargo transfer operations are more complex than those involving a single vessel discharge of cargo, and involve a wider set of risk factors relevant to safety and environmental protection. The new e-learning module provides guidance for ships’ crews involved in STS operations.

American Club assists operators with SMS compliance

The American Club has launched a new booklet which focuses on Safety Management Systems, with the aim to assist both seafarers and shoreside personnel to understanding the basic principles to implement local and international safety management system for both seagoing and shoreside personnel.

American Club releases document with key regulations for shipowners

The American Club announced that it released the updated “Welcome to the USA!”. This document summarizes key regulations of which shipowners should be aware when trading to and from the US. In regard to most of these requirements, the American Club provides additional guidance, tools and services to assist them in achieving compliance.

New initiative to reduce maritime accidents soon to be launched

ABS, the American Club and Lamar University are launching a new initiative to reduce maritime safety incidents. The partnership’s analysis and industry guidance will focus on slips, trips and falls, which are a significant cause of maritime injuries. The recommendations that will be developed will have to able to be applied in a day-to-day basis by maritime crews.

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