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INTERCARGO warns of increased Indonesian cargo liquefaction risk

INTERCARGO issued a reminder on the wet season in Indonesia, which runs from October to April.
Those trading in the area are advised to be especially cautious when accepting cargoes from Indonesia and the surrounding region during the wet season and especially at times of heavy rainfall.

Increased peril of anchorage at Chittagong

The American P&I Club issued an alert warning that the risk of collision at anchorages outside the port of Chittagong, Bangladesh, has recently been increased, owing to strong spring/flood/monsoon tides and silted shallows.

Lubricating oil maintenance is critical

If there is one standout cause for failures of main and auxiliary engines, it is through inadequate monitoring and maintenance of the condition of lubricating oil – literally the life-blood of any engine. The American P&I Club issued new case study taking into account best practices in the prevention of shipboard machinery failures.

American Club issues compliance guidance on Economic Sanctions

The American P&I Club has published a compliance guidance on economic sanctions for May 2016.Sanctions legislation has become increasingly more complex and has had a significant effect upon the shipping industry. Sanctions have had a major impact not only on shipping operations but also through financial institutions and insurance companies serving the shipping industry, including on P&I clubs worldwide.

US imposes additional sanctions with respect to North Korea

On March 16, 2016, President Obama issued an Executive Order imposing additional economic sanctions on North Korea. They implement, in part, the most recent UN-mandated sanctions against North Korea, and generally ratchet-up embargoes on the North Korean regime. The American P&I Club has issued circular to inform operators about the additional sanctions.

Preventative measures for stowaways in South Africa

The American P&I Club has issued an alert to warn that the number of persons trying to stowaway on board ships in Durban and Cape Town is increasing. Shipowners are recommended to implement appropriate preventative measures.

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