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Career Paths: Dr. William Moore, The American P&I Club

In our special column this time, we are pleased to host an interview with Dr. William H. Moore, Senior Vice President, The American P&I Club who notes that there is need for a greater understanding of where shipping stands with regards to commercial and environmental sustainability, highlighting also that solutions for long term sustainability within the maritime industry are vital. 

Mega Ship Challenges toward 2020 from the P&I perspective

During the 2019 Hellenic American maritime Forum in Athens, Mrs. Elina Souli, Regional Business Development Director, V.P. – FD&D Manager, The American P&I Club, talked about the cost and exposure of P&I incidents, which has increased substantially.

Mother Earth’s Safety First

Compared to other global industries, shipping is relatively insulated from the general public at large—surprisingly so given its global reach and indispensability. It is not a world where people understand that without shipping, “half the world would starve, while the other half would freeze.”

Loss prevention begins and ends with ensuring crew competency

Commitment to crew competency is vital for the retention of seafarer’s skill sets and employment, at a time when financial pressure impacts safety. Dr. William H. Moore, Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention, The American P&I Club, discusses about Club’s initiatives for addressing crew competency and assurance and supporting Members in identifying and managing holistic risks to safety from both shore-based management and shipboard operational perspectives.

American Club addresses key safety challenges for 2017

William H. Moore, Senior Vice President, American P&I Club, responded to SAFETY4SEA questions by providing insight into the current and future safety concerns. Dr. Moore reveals Club’s focus areas for 2017 and poses key questions to industry stakeholders to raise awareness into the significant global financial and commercial challenges that shipping industry faces.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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