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SRF Energy Pellet as a marine fuel

During his presentation at GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Aleksey Nikulin, Chief Technology Officer, Humble Energy, noted that a greener and cheaper fuel alternative is available to the shipping industry using current technology. Humble Energy’s initiative builds on their extensive Energy from Waste expertise and research into solid fuel propulsion systems that use Solid Recovered Fuel Energy Pellets.

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Diesel engines can reduce shipping emissions, report says

The Diesel Technology Forum and the Environmental Defense Fund released a report highlighting the emission reduction benefits that can be offered by the latest clean diesel models. The joint research estimates that replacing older engines in a tug boat with the latest clean diesel model that meets the latest emissions milestones can reduce on average 14.9 tons of NOx emissions per year.

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US refiners ready to welcome low-sulphur fuels

With the IMO regulations coming in 2020 about the sulphur cap, US refiners are preparing for the shift in the ship fuel supply. That change will increase demand for low sulphur fuels, and US refiners are ready to capture about 3m bbl/day global marine fuel market. Namely, across many US refiner’s earnings, distillate yields will be increased.

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Scrubbers not a definite solution for 2020 sulphur cap compliance

Scrubbers as a measure to comply with the sulphur cap in 2020 would be a quick fix, according to Wartsila's director of exhaust gas cleaning, Sigurd Jenssen, and more drastic measures are needed. Mr. Jenssen said that equipping 2,000-3,000 ships with scrubbers by 2020 can be done. But with a global fleet of about 60,000 vessels, many of them will have to use cleaner fuels.

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