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Sensors provide solutions in navigation, cargo and supply chain safety

Shipping industry is increasingly using sensor technology to conduct performance monitoring and maintenance operations. This technology can be proven very useful, as the data generated by such devices could provide better solutions to mitigate risk. Sensors can also be combined with other developments, like blockchain.

Drones can contribute to safer and more efficient shipping

The use of drones in the shipping industry is about to take-off. They are used more and more by class societies and marine surveyors and they can provide faster and more informed decision-making on board, reducing the impact of any incident. What is most important however, is the fact that drones can help protect lives.

AI benefits and risks for businesses

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty published a new report called “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Future Outlook and Emerging Risks”, identifying benefits and risk concerns about AI implementation in society and industry. AI can benefit businesses, increasing their efficiencies, and reducing repetitive tasks.

Allianz: Human error behind 75 percent of marine casualties

With human error behind 75 percent of marine liability losses, there are hopes that autonomous vessels can improve shipping safety. In view of this, Allianz insurance discusses some of the potential implications of a crewless life on the open waves.

Allianz study says cyber risk concerns rise globally in all sectors

A new study conducted by Allianz has the cyber threat is considered as a major concern globally for businesses. Also, market developments and volatility is an important business peril in 2017 and the top concern in the aviation/defense, financial services, marine and shipping and transportation sectors, as well as across the Africa & Middle East region in general.

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