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Alfa Laval sees decreased demand on scrubbers

Swedish engineering group Alfa Laval published its Interim report for the time-frame between April 1 and June 30, 2019, highlighting that but its order intake was down due to ‘weak demand’ for pumping systems and scrubbers.

USCG awards 19th BWMS Type Approval certificate

The USCG Marine Safety Center issued its 19th BWMS Type Approval Certificate to Swedish manufacturer Alfa Laval Tumba AB. The Certificate was awarded after a USCG detailed review of the manufacturer’s application determined the system met the requirements of 46 CFR 162.060.

Alfa Laval stresses competitiveness of LPG

Alfa Laval announced that, in partnership with MAN Energy Solutions, the Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning Module (FCM) LPG has undergone successful tests with the first two-stroke, high-pressure marine engine to use LPG as fuel – and has been evaluated for use with ammonia.

BWTS retrofit starts with selecting the technology that best suits

Mr Anders Lindmark, Head of PureBallast, BU Marine Separation and Heat Transfer Equipment, Alfa Laval emphasizes on the importance of planning well before installation of a BWTS considering vessel’s needs. Mr. Lindmark advises operators to plan before and focus on sufficient skilled engineering expertise.

Investment return to make scrubbers a compelling choice

Erik Haveman, Global Sales Director, EGCS, Alfa Laval, insists on scrubbers for compliance with the 2020 sulphur cap, highlighting that the experience of manufacturers can help anticipate all challenges during system retrofitting. Alfa Laval has already been prepared for the new regulations, he explained.

Alfa Laval to address 2020 fuel challenges

In response to imminent fuel sulphur regulations, due to enter into force in less than 18 months, Alfa Laval explains how it prepares the road to address new challenges. Currently, the company is optimizing and updating its technologies, taking a complete ‘forward-thinking approach’ to fuel line optimization.

Alfa Laval signs two agreements for BWT retrofits

In June, Alfa Laval signed frame agreements with two different shipowners for the supply of Alfa Laval PureBallast systems. The systems will be delivered during a three-year period and retrofitted on tankers and bulk carriers. This is a clear sign that the ballast water treatment market is moving forward ahead of the BWM Convention entering into force in September.

BWM: Pure confidence is a must for the future

Kristina Effler, Alfa Laval, notes that there are still challenges ahead concerning the BWM implementation and advised lessons learned from BWTS installations: invest time in the project; identify the needs of your fleet; commit for the long term and; look closely at total cost of ownership.

New paper calls for compliance with bilge water regulations

Alfa Laval issued a white paper, which calls for a marine industry review of the current bilge water regulatory environment and the need to evaluate test protocols that do not reflect actual operating conditions. Even if a traditional system with type approval is operating on board, there are still risks of violating applicable laws and damaging the marine environment.

Alfa Laval, Finnlines sign scrubbers performance agreement

Finnish shipping operator, Finnlines, has placed a service order with Alfa Laval to optimize the performance of its existing Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber systems. The Alfa Laval Performance Agreement with Finnlines covers PureSOx systems installed on board seven RoRo vessels.


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