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Canadian and Alaskan crude find market in China

Following the COVID-19 crisis, Canadian and Alaskan crude which normally travels to the US West, started to finding a market in China, where condition is almost back to the pre-outbreak levels.

New project eyes LNG export from Alaska to Asia

The new Alaska-based company Qilak LNG revealed plans to ship natural gas from the North Slope field to Asian markets, under a proposed Alaska North Slope LNG export project (Qilak LNG 1 Project). To this end, the company announced an agreement with ExxonMobil Alaska Production to ship LNG from Point Thomson.

Tacoma LNG facility needs further environmental review

The SEIS aims to identify and analyze GHG emissions and impacts of the project. Furthermore, a qualitative analysis of the facility’s LNG production will be conducted. The SEIS will complement the Air and Cumulative Impacts sections of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) related to GHGs, in order to include quantitative analysis of the emissions during the fuel cycle life.

Alaska approves ExxonMobil’s Point Thomson expansion plan

The State of Alaska approved ExxonMobil’s plan to engineer the expansion of the Point Thomson project on the North Slope, as state and company officials consider it a positive step to achieve major gas sales and increase oil production.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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