‘Going dark’ is a red flag – AIS tracking and sanctions compliance

With respect to the recent surge in sanctions globally, Mrs. Irene Anastassiou, Senior Lawyer at the Gard P&I Club, noted that the practice of turning off the AIS to avoid detection is a breach of SOLAS and Flag State requirements, while it increases the risk of maritime casualties and loss of life.

Reputation management in a maritime crisis

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA London Conference, Mr. Dustin Eno, COO, Navigate Response, noted that the shipping industry is more visible now than at any time in history; from AIS vessel tracking, to seafarer social media activity, people can see the industry like never before. Information is now more available to outside watchers than before.

MarineTraffic: Driving change in the shipping industry

As the role of big data is becoming more and more important in the new era of automation, shipping companies are moving from a traditional way of doing business to a modern more digital world, exploiting all available data, software and tools, said Dimitris Lekkas, founder of MarineTraffic, speaking about the company’s product development process. 

How global actors respond to maritime security challenges

In a recent article, security experts Christian Bueger and Timothy Edmunds argue that developments in the maritime arena have flown beneath the radar of much mainstream international relations and security studies scholarship, and that a new agenda for maritime security studies is required. 

Why are US Navy ships crashing?

In the past few weeks, a US Navy destroyer collided fatally with a huge commercial vessel. This is a very rare event which actually happened twice in a short period of time during this summer. In view of this, maritime experts presented considerations into the possible misleads that lead to these incidents.

US Navy: Three changes to improve safe navigation

Recent accidents at sea have demonstrated there is considerable room for improvement on the bridges of U.S. Navy warships, according to Lieutenant Commander, Michael Kiser. Apart from the crew’s skills, knowledge and compliance with the “Rules of the Road”, which are highly important for keeping ships safe, Mr Kiser suggests three changes, in order to prevent collisions at sea.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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