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Med ECA: A vital solution to reduce air pollution from ships

During the “Mediterranean Emission Control Area” webinar held by Nabu, MEPs and activists from local groups across Europe, focused on how to fight air pollution and tackle shipping’s climate impact around the Mediterranean Sea.

Ship exhaust emissions change clouds’ behaviour, study finds

Emissions from ship exhausts can have a major effect on air pollution, weather and climate. However until relatively recently these have been largely unregulated, particularly in international waters, a new study from the University of Manchester finds.

Canadian, Japanese ports collaborate on LNG fueling

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and the Tomakomai Port Authority joined forces to promote the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel and provide LNG bunkering services at the Port of Vancouver and Port of Tomakomai.

EIA forecasts a 2.2% decrease in US CO2 emissions in 2019

EIA expects a 2.2% decline in CO2 emissions for 2019, in comparison to a 2.7% increase in U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2018; The decrease will be the result of fewer emissions from coal consumption.

Carbon Capture and Storage project Porthos a step closer

The project organisation Porthos has signed an agreement with four companies to work in parallel over the coming nine months on preparations for the capture, transport and storage of CO₂, in line with the Netherlands’ goals to significantly reduce GHG emissions. 

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