ABS CEO focuses on shipping's digital transformation

During the World Maritime University’s Kinney Lecture Series, Christopher J. Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO of ABS, underlined the fact that the evolution of marine and offshore industries into new operating models is strengthened by groundbreaking changes in technology.  

ABS joins alliance to advance autonomous shipping

ABS informed that it joined the Unmanned Cargo Ship Development Alliance to work with industry partners, including class organizations, shipyards, equipment manufacturers and designers to advance autonomous shipping.

ABS: Malware does not have to affect ships or facilities

In view of the sudden spread of a new ransomware variant, that affected maritime owners and operators, forcing them to shutter operations, ABS suggests that such cases illustrate what can happen to systems, when technology use outruns system understanding.

ABS issues first software quality assessment in Asia Pacific

ABS has issued the first Integrated Software Quality Management Product Design Assessment Certificate in the Asia-Pacific region, for Industrial Control Systems software to Singapore-based Excel Marco. The program aims to ensure the security of control systems, in view of the increasing automation within the industry.

First mobile app to ease Subchapter M compliance

The American Bureau of Shipping has launched NS Workboat™, a new mobile application from ABS Nautical Systems, purpose-built for the workboat/inland sector, that aims to simplify Subchapter M compliance requirements with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

ABS discusses latest cyber challenges

Howard Fireman, ABS Chief Technology Officer, highlights the significance of the digitalization era that drives decisions within the maritime sector, identifying key focus areas that will help industry deal with this new data-centric world.

ABS: How to qualify new technologies

ABS has issued Guidance Note to describe the ABS approach for qualification of new technologies in order to confirm their ability to perform intended functions in accordance with defined performance requirements.

ABS publishes first cyber safety notation

The focus on cyber safety is increasing, and that is changing the expectations industry has for classification services. Thus, ABS has issued its first notation for the ABS Guide for Cyber security Implementation for the Marine and Offshore Industries.

ABS delivers advanced cyber solutions

ABS has announced that it presents cyber seminars in multiple locations across Europe to deliver critical safety guidance. The ABS CyberSafety™ program team is presenting industry-leading guidance to address cyber-related threats and risks in the marine and offshore environments and explaining how the comprehensive ABS program can be used to combat cyber threats.

ABS releases guidance on drones use

ABS has released a new comprehensive guidance providing best practices for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Recognizing that drone technology can be a powerful tool that makes surveys less intrusive and reduces work-related risks, ABS provides a path to using these new remote inspection tools to support class surveys.


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