How important is subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair for equipment

ABS published an advisory addressing the importance of subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair. In the advisory it discusses options for damaged equipment and the procedure for life extension assessments. The IMR aspects of the subsea integrity management provide detailed methods and action items for managing the integrity of each system or components of equipment.

ABS publishes first notations on smart technology for marine and offshore industry

ABS published the Guide for Smart Functions for Marine Vessels and Offshore Units (Smart Guide) to assist marine and offshore owners and operators leverage their operational data. The Smart Guide introduces a class approach leading to the marine and offshore industries’ first set of notations to help owners and operators qualify and use smart functions.

ABS, Google Cloud, SoftServe use AI to detect corrosion

ABS, Google Cloud and SoftServe completed a pilot project applying artificial intelligence models to find levels of corrosion and coating breakdown on ships and offshore structures. The project showed the accuracy of AI in detecting and assessing structural anomalies commonly found during visual inspection. AI techniques could also be used to analyze images over time to understand corrosion and coating breakdown trends.

ABS: Guidance on safe use of Remote Inspection Technologies

ABS published guidance notes on the use of remote inspection technologies, detailing best practices for their use on class surveys and non-class inspections. The guidance notes cover pilot-operated unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely operated underwater vehicles and robotic crawlers, collectively known as remote inspection technologies (RITS).

Smart Functions Validation and Verification

During the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Demetres Armanes, Senior Engineer, ABS, discussed Smart Functions, which are becoming increasingly common onboard marine and offshore vessels, providing crew and support personnel with key information to aid in decision- making.

ABS: Guidance on smart function implementation

ABS issued guidance providing the marine and offshore industries an actionable framework for owners, operators and manufacturers to take smart steps today in preparation for an environmentally sustainable future. The ‘ABS Guidance Notes on Smart Function Implementation’ support data infrastructure development, enabling health and performance monitoring, and augmenting vessel operations.

3D modeling pilot project completed

The American Bureau of Shipping and Crowley Maritime Corporation ‘s naval architecture and marine engineering subsidiary Jensen Maritime completed a pilot project using 3D computer-aided design models to support the class design review process.

SHI receives ABS Cyber Approval for Smart Ship Solution

SHI’s Smart Ship Solution aims to improve vessel efficiency by using real time data from hull and equipment sensors, in cooperation with land-based technical and fleet managers. Real time data will be exchanged between ship and shore facilities, to enable automated operations, and is among the most important cybersecurity challenges for the marine and offshore industries.

Guidance on how to use UAVs

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an aircraft with no pilot on board that is controlled remotely or able to fly autonomously based on a pre-defined flight route and/or dynamic automation systems. ABS released a Guidance Note to present practice recommendations on the use of UAVs for more efficient inspections.

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