Cybersecurity must become a priority

Paul R. Walters, Director, Cyber Service Delivery, Cybersecurity & Software Integrity, ABS, says that cyber hygiene is critical and calls for actions towards cyber awareness. It is not a matter if you will ever be hacked but when, Mr. Walters notes, therefore cybersecurity must be a priority and company officers should recognize a series of risk factors and conditions for control.

New Year’s Resolutions from ABS

Kirsi Tikka, Executive VP, ABS responded to SAFETY4SEA questions providing an overall forecast for the smart shipping developments in 2017. Dr. Tikka noted that the idea of ‘smart shipping’ represents a positive shift which includes many challenges and highlighted that remote monitoring, remote maintenance and autonomous operations are the three evolutionary stages that will drive changes to ship design and construction.

Software Quality and Cyber Safety

Paul R. Walters, Assistant Chief Engineer, ABS, explained why ‘Smart Ships Demands Quality Software and Cyber Security’ during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum. He highlighted the need to improve software quality onboard marine and offshore assets. He addressed cybersecurity and Cybersafety pointing to four key elements for achieving safety and security objectives: traceability, documentation, transparency and verification. He explained that these requirements are self-evident and continue beyond the initial build into the maintenance phase.

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