ABS: Requirements on engine NOx emission limit for ships in China

The recent announcement by the Chinese Ministry of Transport regarding the Regulations on the Administration of Domestic Waterway Transport for Imported Ships has raised a number of questions on its impact on marine engines installed on ships navigating domestic waterways in China.

PANASIA’s scrubber system gets AiP approval by ABS

PANASIA has announced that it was granted Approval in Principal (AIP) for De SOx Scrubber system by classification society ABS. In order to be granted the AIP, the De SOx Scrubber system was subject to a series of risk assessment techniques to determine if the concept provides acceptable levels of safety in line with current marine industry practice, requirements and standards.

ABS updates scrubber advisory ahead of 2020 sulfur cap

 ABS updated its Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems, to help industry prepare for IMO’s 2020 global sulfur cap. The advisory provides guidance on scrubber technology selection, addressing the common focus on how best to comply with the upcoming global sulfur cap and how to weigh the right compliance options for fleets.

ABS Nautical Systems offers software for MRV Compliance

ABS Nautical Systems launched a new cloud-based software module to simplify MRV compliance. The ‘NS Voyage Manager’ subscription application facilitates compliance by integrating data collected for noon reports and then automating and simplifying the reporting process.

ABS to fulfill EU MRV assessments

ABS, provider of classification and technical services to the marine and offshore industries, was awarded accreditation by Greece’s National Accreditation Body, the Hellenic Accreditation System, to perform assessments for EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification compliance. Central to the EU MRV requirements is the development and implementation of an emissions monitoring plan.

ABS, Greek shipowners address EU MRV Regulations

ABS has completed a project with a group of leading Greek shipowners to support preparations for implementing the EU MRV regulation for CO2 emissions. The result of this initiative is a clear interpretation of the regulation that allows companies to understand how they will be affected and what steps have to be taken to achieve and demonstrate compliance.

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