ABS, CINS to develop best practices for carriage of dangerous goods

ABS is cooperating with CINS members over the past six months to develop best stowage strategy guidelines. After a three-month trial, the best practice guidelines will be published. The collaboration gathers key industry stakeholders to examine the challenges and risks container ship owners and operators face when stowing dangerous goods.

New report provides guide on position mooring systems

ABS issued a report focusing on the design aspect of position mooring systems. The Guide also provides criteria, technical requirements, and guidance on the design and analysis of position mooring systems. A mooring system has to restrict the offset of a floating structure/unit within prescribed limits, and maintain the directionality when the structure’s orientation for safety or operational considerations.

New initiative to reduce maritime accidents soon to be launched

ABS, the American Club and Lamar University are launching a new initiative to reduce maritime safety incidents. The partnership’s analysis and industry guidance will focus on slips, trips and falls, which are a significant cause of maritime injuries. The recommendations that will be developed will have to able to be applied in a day-to-day basis by maritime crews.


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