ABS issues amended guide on ballast water treatment

ABS launched its amended “Guide for Ballast Water Treatment” in order to include provisions from the Code for Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS Code) (2018) and other supporting IMO documents.

ABS launches 2019 best practices for operations of BWMS report

ABS hosted its 2nd Ballast Water Management Workshop in Houston, where over 20 representatives from 13 shipping companies participated, sharing their experiences of the BWMS newbuilding and retrofit process, after completing a comprehensive questionnaire. The report aims to capture key discussion topics, lessons learned, and insight shared by the workshop attendees on the installation and operation of BWM systems.

New report reveals key insights into BWM systems

ABS published a report providing insights into how industry is progressing with ballast water management systems. Based on input provided by owners and operators with BWM systems on board their vessels, the report covers a range of topics, including installation, commissioning and operations of BWM systems.

MEPC 71 considers amended BWM timeframe

MEPC 71 considers for ships constructed on or after September 8, 2017 to comply with the D-2 standard on or after September 8, 2017. However, for the existing ships, MEPC 71 is about to approve a two-year delay, according to an Interim Brief provided by ABS.


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