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Case of Filipino seafarers abandoned in Spain brought to ILO

The 12 Filipino seamen were not paid their on-board salari The Department of Labor and Employment has brought to the International Labor Organization its complaint against the Greek owners of a ship for abandonment of 12 Filipino seafarers in Spain.Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz on Thursday said the agency has submitted to the ILO a report on the incident involving the vessel MV Nafto Cement XVI."We would like the international maritime community to know that we will not allow this kind of maltreatment among Filipino seafarers," explained Baldoz in filing a report before the ILO.The agency reports such cases to the ILO, which maintains all cases of abandonment, as part of its "reportorial requirements," added the labor executive.The Greek-owned ship was apprehended by port authorities when it docked at the Port of Valencia in Spain in April due to unpaid claims from various creditors, according to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.The 12 Filipino seamen also reported to the government that they were not paid their on-board salaries and overtime pay for eight months, including allotments to their families.Stranded for four months in Valencia, the seafarers were immediately repatriated last month after labor officials visited them at the port.Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Dubai authorities rescue the crew of abandoned oil tanker

Crew left in a desperate condition for several weeks with no potable water and no power Dubai authorities have rescued the crew of an oil tanker abandoned off the emirates coast with no electricity or water when their employer went bankrupt.The DREAM oil tanker was one of three ships which were abandoned off the coast of Dubai when the firms owners, SAMHO Shipping, filed for bankruptcy.Crew on the Korean tanker were left in a desperate condition for several weeks with no potable water and no power for refrigeration of food, cooking, communications, or navigation, Dubai authorities said.Crew were also unable to communicate with onshore officials and were only able to radio for help to ships anchored nearby.In a mission coordinated by Dubai Port Police and Dubai Maritime City Authority, crew were rescued from the ship and brought ashore for medical attention.The crew were already in an adverse condition with a few reporting weight loss, and dizziness, we had to act swiftly for them to be brought ashore and cared for in line with Dubais safety and territorial regulations, said Khalid Meftah, director of maritime corporate development at DMCA.The DMCA confirmed it had been in contact with the ships owner, who ...

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The crew of Samho Crown finally released after 4 months at sea

Dubai intervened after e-mail from the vessel seeking for urgent help The 11-strong Indian crew aboard Samho Crown, an oil tanker stranded in Dubai waters for nearly four months, has finally heard the word of support from the Indian mission here.The Indian Consulate in Dubai intervened after one of the Indian officers on the vessel sent an e-mail seeking urgent help from the mission to release the remaining crew aboard, more than a month after their plight started getting highlighted in the media.The ship has been anchored some 15 nautical miles away from Port Rashid since January 28 after its Korean company Samho Shipping ran into rough weather following piracy attacks involving enormous ransoms on two of its ships.Of the 28 officers and crew aboard Samho Crown, which has been stranded here along with Samho Dream another supertanker belonging to the same company 21 were Indians. However, 10 of them and one citizen each of Bangladesh, Georgia and Pakistan, whose contracts had ended, were allowed to sign off after the company managed to pay their salaries for February and March during the last week of April.Since the condition of the rest of the crew remained the same without salary and ...

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Captain and crew of a casino boat are owed $28,000 in wages

They cannot leave Bermuda until they get paid The captain and crew of a disused casino boat claim they are owed more than $28,000 in wages and say they cannot leave Bermuda until they are paid. The Niobe Corinthian, a floating offshore casino whose operators had hoped to exploit loopholes in Bermudas anti-gambling laws, has been tethered to the dock in St Davids for more than three years.But a skipper and two-man crew have remained employed to live on board and maintain the boat.The men have not been paid in full since September and say they have received no wages since January.The boat is sinking in debt and facing possible seizure and sale by the Bermuda Government.Their employers say they cannot afford to pay the men until a sale goes through or it becomes operational.The Honduran crew say they need the money now to pay urgent expenses back home.The Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) has taken up their cause and is demanding that they are paid at least 50 per cent of the wages now and the balance within 60 days.Louis Somner of the BIU said the boats operators have a duty to immediately pay the men, who have urgent financial ...

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ITF help East European seafarers win their wages

Seafarers win US$355,000 in wages The ITF in Denmark has helped four East European seafarers win US$355,000 in wages owed when they were abandoned without pay and food in Svendborg in 2009.The seafarers, from Lithuania and Ukraine, were left high and dry when the owner of their coaster, the Lis Weber, went bankrupt. Their wages have now been retrieved following the sale of the ship at auction. The ITF provided legal and technical assistance.Sourcwe: ITF

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