2020 sulphur cap

Fuel change-over within ECAs

Further to Class News No. 22/2014, from 1 January, 2015, the maximum sulphur content of fuel oil used within the MARPOL Annex VI Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will be 0.10%

Sulphure Oxide Emissions Regulations

The UK P&I Club advises operators trading to the United States to be aware that on August 1, 2012, the North American Emissions Control Area (ECA) came into effect.

North American ECA requirements after 1 August 2012

The North American ECA will enter into force on 1 August 2012 and includes areas around the Hawaiian Islands but does not include the US Caribbean Sea ECA, which will enter into force on 1 January 2014. The geographical limits of the North American ECA can be found in Appendix VII of MARPOL Annex VI and in IMO Circular MEPC.1/Circ.723.1

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