Sunday, May 9, 2021

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Svitzer: Towage sector has started to look closer at diversity

One of the key challenges for greater gender diversity in shipping is all about perception, says Mrs Alison Taylor, Europe Crew Training Manager at Svitzer, in an exclusive interview with SAETY4SEA. Mrs Taylor explains how her organization supports diversity and inclusion which are currently key areas of development for the whole maritime industry and equally for the towage sector, which has started to look closer at diversity and how it can positively impact the lives of female seafarers both onboard and ashore.

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New Year’s Resolutions from ABS

Kirsi Tikka, Executive VP, ABS responded to SAFETY4SEA questions providing an overall forecast for the smart shipping developments in 2017. Dr. Tikka noted that the idea of ‘smart shipping’ represents a positive shift which includes many challenges and highlighted that remote monitoring, remote maintenance and autonomous operations are the three evolutionary stages that will drive changes to ship design and construction.

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Old business practices and reluctance to change remain issues to overcome in 2017

Frank Coles, CEO, Transas gave a brief picture of the maritime landscape highlighting how important a real change is for the industry. However, he noted, it is time to show industry the way. Old business practices and reluctance to change will be among the biggest smart shipping challenges for the 2017; industry needs to figure out the way to solve these issues.

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Industry needs to realize the benefits of Fleet Performance Management

Peter Mantel, Managing Director, BMT Smart, highlights the benefits of Fleet Performance Management and calls for the shipping companies to take a Managed Service approach as many benefits are being involved. In 2017, Mr. Mantel anticipates the industry to modernise further by using the many available data-driven technologies that have changed radically the maritime landscape.

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Digitization is here to stay

Nigel Cleave, Chief Executive Officer, Videotel has responded to SAFETY4SEA questions regarding the developments in smart shipping. Mr Cleave said that during 2016 there has been significant progress with smart shipping and ship owners have realized its benefits. He also noted that cyber security remains a huge challenge for 2017 and highlighted that industry stakeholders need to join forces for enhancing smart technologies for operational efficiency.

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