In 2012, Taggen Vindpark AB received a permit to construct a 300MW wind farm in Hanö Bay, comprising 83 wind turbines.


The company then made a proposal to reduce the number of the wind turbines used to a maximum of 40, by using turbines with a larger individual capacity and with a maximum height of 220 metres.

The wind farm was then planned to begin delivering electricity in 2024/25.

When the new permit application went to a referral, the Swedish Armed Forces rejected not only the new application, but the whole project, as it would be near the Ravlunda shooting range. The Ravlunda shooting range is located some 25 kilometres from Taggen’s development area.

Commenting on this development, Mattias Sjöberg, Chairman of the Board of Taggen Vindpark AB, said that they regret having to put down such a project, which they have been working on for more than 10 years.