As Health Minister Chen Shih-chung announced, since more than 90% of the passengers onboard the cruise ship are Taiwanese, there was no choice but to approve the ship's entrance. Namely, 1.709 out of the 1.738 total amount of passengers, have Taiwan nationality.

After the ship's arrival, several health officials will get onboard to measure the temperature of all the passengers, while will give them to fill a health survey.

Passengers with fever, those who have visited China during the last 30 days and those ones with unclear recent travel history will pass through some more rigorous examinations.

Even if there is only one person who tests positive for the coronavirus, the infected person will be taken off the ship for medical treatment and the rest quarantined on the ship for at least 14 days.

...Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung said.

Meaning that in case anyone seems to be positive on the coronavirus, the other passengers will be kept under quarantine inside the SuperStar Aquarius.

For the records, more than 40 guests onboard the cruise liner have visited China during the past 30 days, while according to a public relations officer of Star Cruises no passengers reported to have fever until Friday noon.

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