Reduce negative environmental impacts on combustion and burning

fuel-in-labSulNOx has developed fuel emulsion with the ability to significantly reduce many of the negative environmental impacts caused by the use of hydrocarbons, for both combustion and burning.

On October 1st, SulNOx will be demonstrating this technology to an audience of ship owners, marine industry professionals, politicians, other business people and the media.

The demonstration will be made on an 8-metre Scorpion Rib boat on the forecourt of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, in the shadow of Westminster Abbey and just a stone's throw from the Houses of Parliament.

Balancing the need to look after the environment, whilst maintaining economic growth, is one of the great challenges of our age.

SulNOx wants to fully exploit its unique formula for a fuel/water emulsifier to reduce exhaust pollutants in a sustainable, effective and economic way. SulNOx can increase the efficiency of most combustion and fuel fired engines, help reduce normal engine wear and reduce maintenance costs.