Namely, 33 vessels passed through the canal coming from the north, while 39 ships came from the south. Moreover, 12 giant vessels with cargo that was over 150,000 tons per ship crossed the canal as well. In addition, 7 large ships with cargo ranging between 100,000 to 150,000 tons per ship also crossed the canal.


The largest ship on that day came from the north and it was the Panamanian container ship MSC SVEVA. The vessel was carrying cargo of 196,000 tons, Mamish said. The Danish container ship MILAN MAERSK ranked first in the convoys from the south with a load of 221,000 tons.

Suez Canal experienced promising rates, something that will assist in the economic progress of the New Suez Canal project and its importance to the global trade, local media informed.

Finally, the Suez Canal Authority managed to deal with all the variables of the maritime transport industry, by increasing its capacity to receive global fleets and leverage the recovery of global trade.