More specifically, 37 ships transited the Suez Canal coming from the north, with a weight of 2.8 million tons, while 31 vessels crossed coming from the south with 2.7 million tons.

In addition, 10 giant vessels carrying over 150,000 tons of cargo per vessel sailed through the Canal.

Moreover, eleven ships crossed with tonnage varying from 100,000 to 150,000 tons per ship.


Commenting on the record, Mr. Mamish said that it is indicative of the strategic navigational importance of the Suez Canal as the fastest navigational route connecting the East and the West. This comes especially after the success of the new Suez Canal project in enhancing its global position.

Earlier this year, traffic on the Suez Canal reached the second highest daily traffic ever recorded on January 2. Specifically, 72 vessels with an overall tonnage of 5.1 million tons sailed through the canal.