Information provided by the Skuld P&I Club

2011.5.23-Vessel.jpgThe Skuld P&I Club issues Circular regarding Substandard vessels port of Santos - Brazil as follows:

For some time now there has been discussion about vetting vessels over 25 years of age before they enter the port of Santos and at the end of July, the Advisory Council for the Port of Santos- CAP, using the power conferred on them under the Law 8630 of 25/02/1993 (Port Privatization Law) and:

  1. Considering that substandard vessels represent great risk to laborers, port installations and the environment;
  2. Considering that substandard vessels cause losses to the Port Operator (Stevedore entity) because they affect the efficiency and regularity of the operations;
  3. Considering that the Maritime Authority, in compliance with International Conventions cannot impede vessels that possess the necessary international certifications from entering the port;
  4. Considering that the Port Authority authorizes the entrance to, departure from as well as all the operations and movement within the port with the exception of the intervention of the maritime authority in movement considered priority in the case of assistance and safety of vessels;
  5. Considering that in order to programme and authorize the entrance and departure of vessels, the Port Administration needs to be well provided with current rules and regulations.


To establish the need for the São Paulo State Dock Company- CODESP, administrator of the Port of Santos, within 180 days, to elaborate a proposal of a norm with a view to regulate the entry, berthing and operation of substandard vessels in the port of Santos considering the following proposals:

  1. Demand that vessels over 25 years of age of construction present reports from certifiers which attend the criterion pre-established by the Maritime and Port Authorities;
  2. Demand that vessels over 25 years of age of construction obtain, based on parameters established by companies which realize the service of ship vetting, prior approval authorizing the entrance and operation of these vessels, complementing the normal obligatory certifications.

The proposal prepared by CODESP must be delivered to the CAP SANTOS, latest in January 2012 for deliberation and incorporation in the Regulation of the Exploitation of the Port of Santos.

Source: The Skuld P&I Club