Specifically, the local authorities issued specific requirements of reporting after COVID-19 cases that were found onboard a vessel that called the port of Yangtze River of PR China.


Thus, the requirements issued are as follows:

#1 All localities and departments must convey the notification to international shipping companies, crew manning agencies, ship agencies, pilot station, port operators, shipyard, and boarding personnel, supervise and urge relevant units to increase their sense of responsibility and risk, and fully, strictly and effectively implement various regulations on waterway epidemic prevention and control.

#2 All localities and departments should urge international shipping companies and crew manning agencies to strictly implement the "Guidance on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 on board (V5.0)" so as to effectively reduce the risk of overseas infection of crew members.

#3 All localities and departments should urge international sailing vessels, international shipping companies, and ship agencies to truthfully provide the necessary materials for epidemic  prevention and control such as ship dynamic information, crew health condition, crew shift status, and negative nucleic acid test certificates, and timely report when information changes to ensure that when the crew’s health condition is abnormal, the epidemic prevention department can grasp the situation in time and take emergency measures quickly.

It is highlighted that

 For behaviors that do not fulfill the responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control in accordance with regulations or hinder the order of epidemic prevention and control, especially those suspected of falsely reporting or concealing epidemic prevention and control information, all localities and departments must maintain high pressure: Any case found shall be punished, and relevant responsibilities shall be held in accordance with the law.

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Reporting abnormal health condition of the crewmember when calling Chinese port