The Club said that the objectives of this training course are perfectly aligned with one of the key messages contained in the Club’s “Fit for Life” DVD, which has been nominated for the 2017 SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award.  Club's loss prevention ''Fit for Life” DVD  addresses crew health issues and highlights the importance of fitness for crew, encouraging them to take proactive steps in their lifestyle to  minimize health risks.

Five modules comprise the coursecovering: “Introduction to the Galley”, “The Basics of Cooking”, “Health and Nutrition”, “Managing a Budget” and “Food Safety Management”.

"The health and wellbeing of seafarers is vitally important to safe shipping operations. This training course from MCTC will make an extremely valuable contribution to that objective, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in its development.”Chris Adams, Head of European Syndicate and Loss Prevention said.

The course is intended for existing or aspiring sea-going cooks and should enable users to cater effectively to accommodate cultural diversity and to generate efficiencies through improved stock and cost control. 

The Club’s loss prevention posters on Galley Safety and Hygiene are also incorporated in the course.