During the inauguration of Tech and Demo Day, SSA informed that the new committee, under the chair of SSA Councillor Steen Lund, will help companies alter their operating models by boosting their digital capabilities, aiming internal efficiencies, reduce costs and improve their services for sustained growth in the digitial economy.

In light of the event, Caroline Yang, president of SSA stated

The formation of the Digital Transformation Committee demonstrates a clear commitment by SSA to help our members and the industry chart a sustainable path forward – embracing the challenges and seizing the opportunities – in the age of digital disruption.

Caroline Yang added that the support of the tech and Demo Day reflects the industry's interest into strengthening their competitiveness through technology.

In the meantime, the Singapore Shipping Association, along with MPA Singapore opened Maritime Cyber security Operations Centre (MSOC), aiming to protect and inform users about cyber attacks and improve their cyber security.

During the Tech and Demo Day, technology providers showcased solutions and services designed to meet the needs of both SME and global shipping players.