During his patrol work in the area of ​​the Gulf of Guinea, within its mission of Maritime Security and Surveillance, the patrol boat "Serviola" freed the crew of a Nigerian flag merchant ship, which had been kidnapped for four days.


Namely, a group of nine individuals kept the endowment retained when the Spanish military approached it. Thanks to the rapid intervention, the pirates fled.

The events took place when the "Serviola" detected a merchant ship following atypical behavior patterns. Likewise, a small boat was spotted in its vicinity. After not receiving a response to the calls that were made by radio to the merchant, it when near the ship to investigate the causes of the anomaly.

During the rapprochement the patrol boat "Serviola" found that the small boat was fleeing the area at high speed. At that moment the captain of the merchant ship reported that they had been kidnapped four days ago, and that both the rapid approach and the continuous calls of the patrolman had made the pirates flee.

The group of pirates included nine individuals armed with AK-47 rifles and launches grenades. According to the captain, during the patrolman's approach he could not answer the calls when he was coerced by the pirates, who were pointing their guns at him.

The pirates also stole the money and all the valuables of its endowment, composed by twelve men of Nigerian nationality, as well as a significant part of the provisions.

After supplying food and drink to the crew for a full day, the "Serviola" continued its patrol while the liberated ship made a direct course to the port of Lagos in Nigeria.