Enagás also reports that natural gas imports, along with piped supplies, rose 0.6% to 32.2 TWh. Yet, pipeline supplies from Algeria, decreased by 49.7% to 8TWh, in comparison to 15.9 TWh the previous year.

In the meantime, LNG imports to Spain from Algeria reached the 2.9 TWh, from Trinidad and Tobago the 2.6 TWh, from Russia the 2.1 TWh, while Norway supplied the 1.9 TWh of LNG.

Spain's top supplier for June was Qatar with 5.9 TWh, followed by the United States, with 5.3 TWh.


Moreover, the Bilbao regasification plant received seven LNG shipments out of the total 23 cargoes imported into Spain during the month under review. In general, ITSAS GAS, owned by the Basque Energy Agency, Ibaizabal Remolcadores and Naviera Murueta, conducted the first pilot test of ship to ship LNG cargo operation in the port of Bilbao in 2018.

The Barcelona facility accommodate six LNG cargoes, whereas three visited Huelva and Mugardos each, and two cargoes landed at Cartagena and Sagunto each. Also, the port of Barcelona welcomed the first LNG cruise vessel in late April, which was fueled for the first time in the Mediterranean with LNG.

Two reload operations have been completed during June 2019, one at Barcelona and the other at the Mugardos LNG facility.