Although, the L.A. Board of Harbor Commissioners from its side, gave its approval for the manufacturing facility, allowing SpaceX to lease the same land, so as to develop a new port-based spacecraft production facility, named as "Starship project".

"I’m really excited to see what SpaceX will be able to bring for the future of not only space exploration and technology in Los Angeles, but also to the Port of Los Angeles"...said Board of Harbor Commissioners President Jaime Lee to Los Angeles Times before the voting.

For the records, SpaceX first approached the Port or LA authorities about a month ago for the project's initiative.

As the company further noted, through this new facility by the sea, its products will be transported more efficiently than it could via road or rail. Also, SpaceX aims to create up to 130 job positions for the region through its port-base spacecraft infrastructure.

In case that the LA City Council give its final approval, SpaceX is expected to use its port facility for research, design and manufacturing, while is going to be built at Berth 240 on Terminal Island.