In fact, the "3rd Basic Port Redevelopment Plan" is the highest national plan and includes a total of 19 projects.

The main contents of the project include major policy tasks for port redevelopment, target projects, principles for strengthening publicity, guidelines for each project, principle for selecting a business operator, specific plans for promoting regional participation, and various system improvements.

The port, which is the center of international trade, has played a role as a key infrastructure for the growth of the national and regional economy, but it is true that some port facilities in the city have been an obstacle to urban growth.We will do our best to make it a new growth base linked to the city, and to return the sea to the arms of citizens.

... as Deputy Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Park Joon-young said.

Through the port redevelopment, cargo piers such as Donghae Mukho Port have been created and opened as parks and parking lots for citizens, while Busan North Port conventional piers are transforming into new growth bases that will lead the regeneration of the original city.

What is more, according to the Basic Port Redevelopment Plan, there are currently four redevelopment projects that develop old and idle ports with various functions, such as tourism, culture, and commerce, in order to revitalize the port and its surrounding areas.

In addition, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries put three strategies under the vision of 'port space for citizens that develop with the city' in the 3rd basic plan.

In fact, the project includes the following stages:

  1. Port redevelopment publicity and promotion of local participation
  2. Improvement of the port redevelopment system to promote regeneration
  3. Creating a vibrant port city through specialized development for each port